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'Present Time' Calendar 2008 'Present Time' Calendar 2008

Pictures: 53
Edited: Csizek Gabriella
Pages: számozatlan
hungarian, english, french
Text: Csizek Gabriella
ISBN: 978 963 86589 9 9

In the last eight years the Mai Manó House, the Hungarian House of Photography, has organised various exhibitions from selected works of contemporary photographers in different countries. We made a selection from the pictures of those exhibitions, which are only known from written documentation by the Hungarian audience. The title of this selection is Present. We arranged the mostly beginning artists’ pictures to a yearly cycle as a calendar, thus giving the possibility for their everyday use.

The selected artists represent every field of photography: from autonomic artists-photographers, to photo-documentarists, and photo-journalists. Their works reflect and give different answers to the questions of the present.
Every week is accompanied by a photo; it accompanies the user of the calendar for a week with its presence. It is placed next to the notes, on the opposite side of the users’ time schedule.

We hope that those who use this calendar will live together with its pictures; the pictures will become part of their lives and open the gate towards being interested and involved in contemporary photography.

Gabriella Csizek


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