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George Eastman Hall

The Exhibition EXTENDED
to January 11, 2015
The New with the Old
Contemporary photographs made with historic processes

Curator: Károly KINCSES

Open to the public:
October 10 – January 11, 2015
on Weekdays: 14.00 - 19.00
at Weekends 11.00 - 19.00

The overwhelming tsunami of digital photography has fortunately left some areas untouched within the photographic arts and there are more and more artists who, being dissatisfied with the image creating technologies offered by software engineers, return to analog photography. And once they have decided to take a step back, they actually take two: they experiment with and perfect archaic processes of the past and, through these daguerreotypes, anthrakotypes, cyanotypes, wet-plate collodion process, and other procedures, they show what interests them in our world today. In addition to the incredibly fascinating photos, visitors will also find brief descriptions of the procedures.

Exhibited works by: Agárdi Attila ● Almásy Ivor ● Baloghné dr. Kovács Matild ● Bécsi Imre ● Brezina Zoltán ● Fedor Gabčan ● Fehér Kálmán ● Fejér Zoltán ● Gábor Béla ● Gál András ● Gyarmati József ● Keserű Krisztián ● Kiss Lajos ● Kovács Réka Rhea ● Levendovics György ● Marton Ferenc ● Mészáros Flóra ● Nagy István ● Nagy Krisztián ● Német Gabriella ● Nyíri Barbara ● Patrus Sándor ● Sarusi István ● Sebestyén László ● Seres Géza ● Simon Csilla ● Sprenc Balázs ● Szabó Endre ● Szabó Maya ● Takács Lídia ● Ujvári Sándor ● Vachter János ● Varga Tamás ● Varga Tibor ● Velican-Patrus Dóra ● Venczel Attila ● Vékás Magdolna ● Zvaló László


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