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Enikő Hangay: Quiet DaysEnikő Hangay: Quiet Days

The series 'Quiet Days' is the result of many small acts of collecting and editing. The relationship between nature and the urban person is the guiding thread throughout - a relationship that is indirect, nostalgic and not devoid of artificial colorings. Nature greets one from the wall of a studio apartment in the form of a giant poster. In turn, the original expanses of water are reduced to insignificance when filled into plastic bottles. The play of sunshine filtering into a room travels through the entire series. Still, the reflection of the camera flash on the cover page could be a substitute for the warmth and light of the sun as well. A few details from parks are included to conjure up the green oases of the city. Although the ulterior motive of the images is personal, and to a degree they follow the journeys of the photographer, there are plenty of opportunities lett for the viewer to associatively collaborate. The majority of the photographs were taken in Budapest and the USA between 2000 and 2003.

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