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The spirit of Balázs Telek’s photography

If one looking at the photographs of Balázs Telek does not loose himself in the beauty of forms, but lets himself be immersed by the experience, he stands a good chance to face his own positive characteristics. This means meeting sincerity, openness, inner depths and heights. The artist is able to awaken these notions in the onlooker by the force of his pictures. This is the essence of Balázs Telek’s art. The spectator must face himself, and should ask the question, “why am I unable to show myself, my real, precious self on the street, in the office, or at home?” The answer is of course, “because nobody behaves like that.” These are rare situations, and one has to go to a Telek exhibition to enjoy one. Because these pictures, if only for a short time, offer us a chance to do exactly that.

The audience likes this attitude, this is one of the reasons, Telek’s pictures are successful. The other reason is his approach to the technique of photography. His self-made cameras are works of art themselves, condensing great amount of time and thought. Thus the making of a picture becomes a long process. It starts with the conception of the camera, continues with the making of the camera, followed by laboratory work, and finally framing. And Telek’s spirit and curiosity is included in all the steps. The spectator knows nothing about these steps of course, sees only the outcome, but can perceive a certain radiation of spirit, working on a non-visual level.

His approach is similar when making “old” or “new” pictures, though his attention has gradually shifted from the human to its surroundings, then geometry and finally the questions of perspective.

I would never use the word “photo” for his works, though technically they are photographs. I use the word “pictures” because they originate from a wish to realize the notions born in the mind of the artist in the form of a photograph. The picture is good if it can represent a process, which the spectator can follow. This way the freedom of the viewer meets the freedom of the artist.

These lucky dates are rare these days. In the artistic world of Balázs Telek they are happily frequent. I wish a lot of meetings like that for artist and audience alike.

György Jozipovics
Graphic artist


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