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Body Borders – Skype Project

On view: 12 September - 17 October, 2014
Location: galleria U (Hungarian Cultural Centre, Helsinki, 00100 Kaisaniemenkatu 10)

Curator: Gabriella CSIZEK
Opening remarks by: Elina BROTHERUS photographer

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

In her series, Lili Zoé Érmezei has studied the limits that appear between people in situations built on trust, investigating their shifting, dissolution, and meanings. She changes a conventional component of situations, or picks the person in a way that makes us become part of an unexpected and bold journey. She diverts us from the usual in order to make us re-read and re-write the world.

Her series entitled Body Borders she employed the technical possibilities provided by Skype and placed the relationship between the photographer and her model in a different context. The situation-based casting of roles is not conceived through a real encounter, but it is realized in a position of virtual communication. The two participants become creative partners in this situation extended through space, which is free of any physical presence, yet exists in a constricted and expanded manner at the same time: there is one giving instructions and one other, the model, who is following and re-creating these instructions. Women undressing and appearing in front of the always-impersonal white background could only count on themselves and their distant creative partner in the evolutionary process of showing their femininity. In this rather unusual situation of trust, they could show their own personality, their beauty, the one-time and therefore immortal, yet, with time, changing faces of their femininity. As such, they could redefine themselves through the new possibilities of their body- and self-images.

Gabriella Csizek




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