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Space Imprints Celestial Bodies and Phenomena – An exhibition on the occasion of the International Year of Astronomy 2009
Opening remarks by Zorán, singer, guitarist, composer The exhibition shall be introduced by Attila Mizser, the Secretary in Chief of Hungarian Astronomical Association and Károly Kincses photomuseologist, curator
Open to the public: 25. June - 27. September 2009.
Every weekdays: 14.00 – 19.00
Weekend: 11.00 – 19.00

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The aim of our exhibition was to build a bridge over the dramatic abyss that separates scientific and artistic photography. Walking between stunning celestial imagery, we recognize galaxies and planets while traveling thousands of light years and we get the chance to grasp how insignificant our own bustling world really is. Before and after we would like to pay homage to one of the pioneers of Hungarian Astronomical Photography, Jenő Gothard, who died a hundred years ago.
(Károly Kincses)

2009 is the International Year of Astronomy. Hungarian House of Photography joined the series of events with Hungarian Astronomical Association and ELTE Gothard Astrophysical Observatory. The Year of Astronomy, initiated by the UN and UNESCO is a great chance for us to present the achievements of astronomy with the tools of photography. Digital photography gives way to ever more spectacular photographs about celestial bodies and phenomena. The exhibition shows a series of contemporary astrophotographs that have a great scientific significance, while guaranteeing an interesting spectacle to the lay audience as well, and offer a true artistic experience. Part of the exhibition is the sub-exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of Jenő Gothard’s death. Jenő Gothard was the single most important early Hungarian astrophotographer. His pictures and his photographical tools were never exhibited together like this in Budapest before. In connection to the exhibition, a number of special events and programs will take place. In cooperation with Hungarian Astronomical Association, a calendar-cum-catalogue shall be printed to accompany the exhibition.

The curator of the exhibition is Károly Kincses.

Exhibited artists:
Ernő Berkó, Sándor Braskó, István Csabai, Tamás Deli, Iván Éder, László Francsics, Attila Horváth, Róbert /Hoze/, Gábor Kerekes, Tamás Ladányi, Gábor Szendrői, Gábor Csongor Szigeti, Lenke Szilágyi, Gábor Szitkay

We would like to thank all the persons and institutions below for their support:

Budapest Telescope Center,
ELTE Gothard Astrophysical Laboratory
Hungarian Astronomical Association
Hungarian Museum of Technology and Transport
TIT Uránia Observatory – Budapest Planetarium

Special thanks to László Francsics and Attila Mizser for their special help in the realization of this exhibition.
The exhibition and its catalogue were co-financed by OKM, NKA, City of Budapest, City of Budapest – Economical Committee
Our supporters in the media:
HVG, Klubradio


photo: Róbert Kassay







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