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Hungarian House of Photography

Owners of the Hungarian House of Photography:
 · Hungarian Foundation for Photography (78%)
 · National Association of Hungarian Journalists) (10%)
 · Ministry of National Cultural Heritage (or its legal successor) (9%)
 · The actual managing director of all times (3%)

The House as a real estate is the property of Theresa Town (Budapest District VI) local government (with the exception of the one-time place of entertainment, which is the property of the City of Budapest). The property was transferred to Hungarian House of Photography, for the symbolic rent of 1 Forint per year, for an unlimited period.
In exchange, the House reconstructs and maintains a landmark building.

Hungarian House of Photography in Mai Manó House
H-1065 Budapest-Terézváros, Nagymező utca 20.
Telephone: 473-2666
Fax: 473-2662

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