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Dear Readers,

during the winter holiday and due to major holdings rearrangement, the library will be closed to the public between 18th of December and 5th of January.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Dear Visitors,
The opening hours of the Pécsi József Library of Photography (located on the third floor or Mai Manó House) have changed as follows:

Monday – Thursday: 12:00 noon – 5:00 pm

Should you wish to visit our library outside of the opening hours that were in effect previously (between 11am and 7pm), please make an appointment by emailing

Summer break: July – August

New opening hours have been defined by feedback from our readers and statistical data on visitors’ attendance.

József Pécsi Library of Photography – Terms of Usage



The library is to be used with a reading ticket. The library of photography is open to the public: anybody over 18, Hungarian or any nationality can register with his or her photo identity document (identity card, driving license, passport). Upon registering, the reader accepts the term of usage posted on the sign near the entrance.

Registration and usage is free, however we charge a fee of 100 HUF for the replacement of a lost reading ticket.

It is not possible to borrow any of the books from Pécsi József Library of Photography. Registered readers can read the documents of the library in any of the three reading rooms.

There is an open-shelf reference library of more than 10 000 pieces of documents at the readers’ disposal. Documents may be taken off the shelf without restriction, and should be left on the table after reading.

However, there is a list of restricted volumes of outstanding value – albums of the greatest photographers of the age with dedication, or rare volumes of photo-historical value – that cannot be reached freely on the shelves. The list of restricted volumes with bibliographical data and the illustrated reprints of the restricted volumes is available in the reading room, and the chosen volumes can be asked from the librarian.


The reading rooms offer space for reading the pieces of the collection, for using the catalogue of the special library, for viewing video-tapes and CD-ROM, and using the internet (for a maximum of thirty minutes). There is a free wireless Internet connection available in the library. Reprographic services – use of computer, scanning, cd/dvd-burning, printing in color or black-and-white, and the use of the darkroom – are available for a certain fee. The list of prizes is posted at the desk.

Online Catalogue »»

The entire collection of the library can be found in the digital version of the catalogue available in the reading room, via the computer. In this catalogue, you can search for: photographer, author, place of publication, date of publication, name of publisher, ISBN, data connected to exhibitions, and subject heading.

Shelf-mark and location

Documents can be found by their shelf-marks, through the location mark posted in the reading room and the guiding plates on the shelves.

Library stock order (for english version see page 2. ) »»

Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday: 12:00 noon – 7:00 pm
Friday: by appointment only (email:
weekends: closed
summer break: July – August

A visitor, after becoming a member, is entitled to the following services during opening hours:

Basic services (free):
 · use of the collection on the premises
 · use of the library database

Other services (payment of fees are required):
 · copying services (photocopying etc)
 · use of internet
 · scanning, CD writing, printing (black and white, colour)
 · digital photo laboratory

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