The Hungarian House of Photography – Mai Manó House opens its Verzó Online Gallery in October 2011

The Gallery is named after the backside, i.e. verso of the visiting card-formatted photograph that was often taken by the imperial and royal court photographer Manó Mai (1855-1927). The Latin term verso (to turn) refers to the left-hand page of a book or the reverse side of a leaf.

In photography, visiting cards – or calling cards - were mostly used between 1852 and 1919. It usually was a 6×9 cm portrait photo with some basic pieces of information printed below the photo, such as the photographer’s name and the town the photographer’s studio was located. On the verso (the reverse side of the hard cardboard), additional information is listed about the photographer; the studio’s address, the photographer’s awards, as well as his services often appeared along some artistic graphic artwork.

The picture side (recto) of the Hungarian House of Photography’s Verzó Online Gallery aspires to provide yet another venue for contemporary Hungarian photo artists to showcase their works. The regularly changing virtual exhibits serve multiple purposes. It highlights the Mai Manó House’s own exhibition and catalog series Present Continuous with already six volumes. At the same time, this new exhibition space offers an opportunity for young artists to introduce their work, while it also allows for the showcasing of series from mature artists. Occasionally, the photos complement or interpret the exhibitions featured in the Mai Manó House.

When “turned,” just like in the old times, the verso of the photos includes further information about the photographer and their work in the form of interviews, video clips, reviews, and other relevant news.

Start turning and enjoy.