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Colored Old Air
NahTe Presents the Photographic Works of János Vető and of Prince Kina on Digital Prints + Original Silver Gelatins 24. May 2003. - 8. July 2003.

Opening Ceremony: 24. May 2003. at 6 p.m.

NahTE exhibition
Correspondence between János Vető és Gabriella Csizek
Edited by: Mária Andrássy and Gabriella Csizek

2002. 09. 15.
Hi Dear,
I’m very happy that the preparations for the exhibition are going so well! From the vicinity of our house: The construction, necessary for the expansion of the gallery space, is proceeding at full steam despite the problems encountered on the way. Even so, it will only be finished in the middle of November which means a delay in the Manóház schedule. This means that we don’t know the final date for your exhibition. But I hope we’ll know more by mid-october and I’ll notify you. What are you doing besides expending all your energy getting this exhibition ready?
Csizek Gabi Manó

Dear Manók!
It’s the middle of October and I’m excitedly awaiting the date. Shameless of me, I know, but I have to make plans. Is there something concrete? How’s the construction going?

Dear Gabi!
This sounds terrible, however unbelievable, I don’t believe that I‘ll be able to hold this amazing quantity and quality of work together which I’ve prepared over more than an year. My life’s work is scattered around the globe. When this exhibition flashed before my eyes, (the second I saw it, I fell in love with the ManóHáz), I set madly to work, lost myself in the past and now here’s the finished product. Let’s put it up nicely among the construction debris, but in spring. Possible?

Dear Manó! This news is honey to my ears.

Dear Gabi! You angry? Or why the silence?

Happy New Year! Unfortunately, unhappy obligations kept me from the Manó, but let’s email about the preparations.

Hi Gabi! Anything’s good for me(10th) but I have to know exactly (children vacation work and love) Now what’s it gonna be????

Wow! Then, let’s say, I arrive the 4th and start bringing in the stuff. It doesn’t matter if you can be there then, I guess. And starting from the 10th we’ll dive into the work. We need a framing expert, and an idea of what the catalog will cost and then my wonderful team will set to work planning. Question; is it okay if I come from Feb. 6-14, can I get a plane ticket, how does it get to me?

G’morning. Like you said on the phone yesterday: GREAT! I never know how these things go, but I guess they’re going, that is, I’m going, or more exactly, I’ll be right there. Here’s my passport number.
Bigtanks: NahTe

Dear Diligents! So I’ll tell them and head to Malmö, jump off the train at the airport and pick-up a ticket.

Hi Gabi, lots of love from the other room: NahTe

Well now, I wish you a good morning from here in Copenhagen and a big thanks. NahTe

May 22, Thursday? May 24. Saturday? Hm. Oh, just not the 23rd, that’s the unluckiest number in my life!

Hi everybody! The answers are ready, now I just need the questions promised. NahTe

Subject: exhibition opening text. Dear Gabi! Colored Old Air. NahTe presents János Vető és KINAherceg photographic works, digitally printed + a few original silver gelatins.
Byecycle: NahTe

Dear Gabi! KINAherceg is the former name of János Vető, a kind of signature I used to cover a certain work period of my life in the 80s. If you look, the middle is NAh, the Te is my name for a while now. Interested in earlier, longer-shorter names I’ve used? Drozda Frigyes (1966-68), Dupla (1969-70), Kis Karóc, Nagy Skokó (1978-79), these I barely used. I signed a few Zuzu-Vető pieces Kromanyoni and Vértesszöllőssy, (1982-84). Dear Gabi! When we were born, we got names, then more or we made names. I’m lucky I finally found my name, which I’m now filling up with content. Our differences make us uniform and singular. When I was ruminating on who exactly am I, the realization hit my like a bolt… My earlier names were playful references to actual works of the time. I didn’t want people calling me them, though it happened. They were signature names. But if anyone calls me Te(“you”), I hear it.

The ferry is nuts. Or is it like that for you, too? I discovered Photography in the head a long time ago(see- halld photo essay) Nowadays and I think for a little while longer Old Air interests me (bubble wrap, the plastic with the bubbles). It’s my negative, my basic element, my paint… should I conjugate?

Well, yours isn’t a piece of cake either, the previous two required some serious secret code reading. What would I ask myself? How are you?-fine, thanks. Where am I going?-where it doesn’t happen everyday.

What would I like?- Well now, about 300 A4’s and pictures in military time, then about 10- 14 pieces of 70x100 black and white pictures, 4 large ones(about 100x80 color tableaux and 6 bubblewrap pictures, about 1 meter x 2.5 meters, but the same size). Well, the small pictures aren’t all printed out yet, and they have to be somewhat evenly framed, this is time and money(I’ve got neither). For this, so it goes smoothly, I need a warplan. This is surely up to you(sorry). Then there’s this giant distance, and the dense weekdays, thanks their going fine. Primarily, I’m probably occupied with music, it would behoove me to surprise the Manó with a few of my records, ones I made recently and some from other musicians, but immediately, today, I have to mesmerize a few reporters and government ministers, and they will surely snatch up the 50 copies I spent last week in mass-production mode making, finally manufacturing them, but better late than never. And yes… I would like it if my intuitive Trio, called United Dream of Nights could play at the opening.
Salutations: NahTe

You know my photos are trivial, but an important slice of my activities, and my cameras, like my guitars, are fetish objects. I can’t even remember a lot of them, and naturally a lot were forgettable. So, good morning, flood me with those nice questions of yours and I’ll let fly my black and white answers.

Dear Gabi,
Here with love is a NahTe 2000 signature, where the name and my favorite guitar are both showing…

This is an excerpt of an older one of my paintings I put into another picture. It’s title is “int hello”. The painting it was inserted into was titled, “Hello Everybody”, originally 70x100cm. The details are poloroid shots the size of postage stamps and details from this were also enlarged. I like this digital fog, suits my disposition.

Greetings to all, Here are a few answers to questions not asked yet: yes no Cageian? Then music. But zen? The tiny quivers and big quakes of the spirit. Nightmares of Narcissus. The blind photographer the deaf musician

Good morning, everything’s OK, but I don’t know who is opening it (the exhibition). Kristen Delholm (do you know her?)

Then let’s go, I’m on my way.

Hi, see here, I wrote the titles out correctly, if something is missing, we’ll put in in the day after tomorrow, + there are dates missing… To me the title can be miraculous, I don’t believe he’d be upset, although I’m no more a miracle than anybody else. If you can’t open the ‘tached, Évi can.
hu NahTe

Hi, are you still there? I went skateboarding with the kids in the meantime, that’s why I’m late. So, how could I name these groups anything when only the sixth and seventh have names?

‘taching Kirsten’s text. Kirsten would like to do it in Hungarian at the opening. Gabi, Hm? What do you think?

So, now it’s time to travel.


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