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Krisztián Bócsi, Ildi Hermann, Dániel Kovalovszky, Gábor Arion Kudász, Ádám Magyar, Mária Pecsics, Artúr Rajcsányi, Gábor Ákos Varga


Pécsi József Scolarship Annual Exhibition  
Opening remarks by: András Bánkuti
Open to the public: 03. March - 08. April 2008.
Every weekdays: 14.00 – 19.00
Weekend: 11.00 – 19.00

Pécsi, before he became a scholarship
Krisztián Bócsi · Ildi Hermann · Dániel Kovalovszky · Gábor Arion Kudász
Ádám Magyar · Mária Pecsics · Artúr Rajcsányi · Gábor Ákos Varga


Dániel Kovalovszky

“Home of the Falling Star”

There is an unusual institution in Hungary, a home for artists. Living there are elderly artists who were the fêted stars of Hungarian theatre for decades. The Árpád Ódry Artists Home was established in 1950 by Hilda Gobbi, with substantial support from the whole community of artists. Of course today, in keeping with modern requirements, it works as a limited company. This is one of the ways it tries to maintain its onetime ideals.

Hilda Gobbi was thinking not only of actors, but of all workers in the theatre, when she founded the first home in Magyar Street. Usherettes, dressers, technicians, musicians, artistes, were all given the opportunity to move there. When the house in Magyar Street became too small, she acquired the present villa in Lendvay Street. A team of technicians from the National Theatre helped to restore it from its ruined state. The house is still beautiful and is not at all like the usual old age pensioners’ homes.

1998–2000 Industrial Trade Institute No. 6, photography department
2000–2001 Association of Hungarian Journalists, photojournalism course

2001–2004 Worked on Hölgyvilág (Women’s World) magazine
2004–2006 Photojournalist for Népszabadság daily
from 2006 freelance photojournalist

2006 Jozsef Pecsi Art Photography Scholarship
2006 63rd Pictures of the Year International Competition (POYI), second place in Newspaper Division / Feature Picture Story
2006 Hun-ga--rian Press Photo Competition, first place in the portrait series category
2006 Hungarian Press Photo Competition, second place in the portrayal of society category
2005 Hungarian Press Photo Competition, first place in the portrayal of society category
2004 Hungarian Press Photo Foundation Scholarship, Photo Essay Competition
2004 National Cultural Fund, Art Photo-graphy Grant
2000 Hungarian Press Photo Competition, third place in the portrayal of society category

2005 Gödör Klub
2007 Raiffeisen Gallery

2000–2006 Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition
2006 Cracow Photo month
2007 Folyamatos Jelen (Continuous Present)

Association of Hungarian Art Photographers
Society of Hungarian Photojournalists
Young Art Photographers Studio



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