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Krisztián Bócsi, Ildi Hermann, Dániel Kovalovszky, Gábor Arion Kudász, Ádám Magyar, Mária Pecsics, Artúr Rajcsányi, Gábor Ákos Varga


Pécsi József Scolarship Annual Exhibition  
Opening remarks by: András Bánkuti
Open to the public: 03. March - 08. April 2008.
Every weekdays: 14.00 – 19.00
Weekend: 11.00 – 19.00

Pécsi, before he became a scholarship
Krisztián Bócsi · Ildi Hermann · Dániel Kovalovszky · Gábor Arion Kudász
Ádám Magyar · Mária Pecsics · Artúr Rajcsányi · Gábor Ákos Varga


Artúr Rajcsányi

InFocus – 28 Days Later

I have been taking pictures solely by compact cameras since 2001. My earlier, subjective documentary series – Soldier (2001), The Journey (2002) and MOCKBA (2004) – were also taken in this way. In the InFocus work of mine, which was begun in 2002, use the contingencies and weaknesses of the amateur technique consciously according to my creative ideas.

2005 Dunaújvárosi Photobiennale – concept manager, coordinator
2004 New Shores – founding member of the Dunaújváros Artists Society
From 2004 Foundation, secretary
From 2003 Foun-dation School of Photography, secretary
2003 Member of Hungarian National Association of Creative Artists
2003 Member of „Y Gallery” Society (Dunaújváros)
2002–2007 Member of Young Applied Artists Studio
2000–2007 Member of Young Art Photographers Studio
1999–2000 Szellemkép (Ghost Picture) Free School, secretary
1996–1999 Szellemkép Free School, studies in photography

2007 Jozsef Pecsi Art Photography Scholarship
2003 Jozsef Pecsi Art Photography Scholarship
2002 Budapest Gallery scholarship (Bonn, Germany 2003)
2002 National Cultural Fund, Art Photography College creative scholarship (Santiago De Compostella, Spain)
1999 Szellemkép Free School scholarship



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