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Gabriella Csoszó - Judit Elek - Sarolta Szabó - Szilvi Tóth

Present Continuous Museu de Imagen, Câmara Municipal de Braga,
Braga, Portugal
Open to the public: 08. April - 29. May 2005.

The Exhibition
Gabriella Csoszó · Judit Elek · Sarolta Szabó · Szilvi Tóth



Artist statement

I like very much the estetique of the so called amateur photography. The person who takes the photo without knowing the latest trends in the composition or color usage of art photography, with no purpose, just to photograph the loved ones or „the beauty” or the important moments in life. Two years ago I had the idea, that I will photograph this way, not to have any certain topic at the beginning, just to live my life, and follow this instinc which tells when you need to take a picture. It was an experience a way to learn about myself by looking at the photos and saying, this is me, this is what is left from me.

What I found is that men rule my life more than I have ever realized, I found out that I always took pictures of my lovers, usually double portraits, so I collected these, and put my lovers to exhibition halls. (My Lovers 2003, Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaujvaros).

The next thing was to realize, that like the most of us -but maybe even more- I am vain and egoist, I made hundreds of self portaraits, usually just to fix through the appearance the mental or spiritual state in which I am. I tried to catch the differences so as to show how much a different person you become in each moment. I exhibited these self portraits with images that I made of close friends, objects, places I found through my travel as a tourist. (Ups and Downs, Hungarian House of Photography)

The voyeuristic side of me appeared as I found the attraction to lightened windows in the darkness of the night. I mage up stories in my mind which never existed, and realised that the human mind wants to create the image of another human being from objects like edges of sofa, armchair e.t.c. I am still working on this project, it is not finished yet.


Judit Elek

Solo exhibitions:

Ups and downs, Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest 2004
Invision, Károly Palace, Budapest 2002
Gunter und Gretel, Miro Photo Galery, Budapest, 2001

Group exhibitions:

Energie contra value, Művészetmalom, Szentendre 2004
Greenmania , Várfok Galery, Budapest 2004
Dokument 6, Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest 2004
Distance, Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros 2004
Handicapped, Cité d’ Science, Paris 2003
We and the Others, Goethe Institute Budapest, Porto, Rotterdam 2002


Hewlett Packard Competition in Digital Photography, 1st prize in Hungary 2002
Leica Competition, Special prize 2002
Colors Magazine Competition, 1st prize in Hungary 2002


Eötvös Sholarship of the Hungarian State 2003
Pécsi József Scolarship for Photography 2002
Scholarship of the Hungarian State for Gradual Studies 2001
Ludwig Scholoarship 2001




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