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Gabriella Csoszó - Judit Elek - Sarolta Szabó - Szilvi Tóth

Present Continuous Museu de Imagen, Câmara Municipal de Braga,
Braga, Portugal
Open to the public: 08. April - 29. May 2005.

The Exhibition
Gabriella Csoszó · Judit Elek · Sarolta Szabó · Szilvi Tóth



Szilvi Tóth: Strangers

I'm interested in the people who live in city, how they live, what they are doing, how differently thinking.

If I walking on the streets, I have a habit, looking the people and thinking about them. I 'm huntering with my eyes strange situations, and with my photo apparat I try to fix them.

Usually I ask people, and take a picture about them with who I didn`t meet before. In the cities leave many different people, and just some of them know each others, but every day if we go out we can see couple of 1000 people, with who didn`t meet before, and maybe never see again. Usually we don't speak with them or see they eyes, so we don`t make any contact with them.
I try to break this situations, stop the people who interesting somehow for me, speak with them, and take photogaphs about them, and from this point he or she never be unknow for me, from this moment somehow I know them, I began to understand them, and from the pictures they began to leave in my mind, and from time to time thinking about them. In my memory I like to collect the unknow people faces, and if I see them again to come across, in secret I began to be happy.

I want to show the positive part of life and fix the moment sometime with a little ironic which is tell about happiness, strange funny moments. I try to show the people soul in they eyes in my pictures and bring forward to other people.

In this serie I picked from different cities, most of them from Budapest, but you can find from Helsinki or Clermont-Ferrand, ect. unknow people or maybe you can find some know people too.

Szilvi Tóth


2004 Member of the Studio of Young Artists Association [FKSE]
2004 Hungarian Association of Artists in Photography [MAOSZ]
2003 Member of the Sfeer Visual Group
2001 Member of the Hungarian Young Photographers' Association [FFS]

Education, Resarch

2004 MA, Hungarian University of Craft and Design, Institute for Manager Training
2003 Amsterdam, Pipslab Foundation, Resarch in the Sfeer Media Art Project
2003 Helsinki, UIAH University, Department of Photography
2002 MA, Hungarian University of Craft and Design [MIE] Budapest, Department of Visual Communication
2001 TEI, Athens; Department of Photography
2000 Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, Department of Photography
1992-96 Secondary School of Fine and Craft Arts, Department of Photography


2004 József Pécsi Scholarship
2003 National Cultural Fund, College of Photography - Author's Grant
2003 PRCHA - Students for the Science Award
2003 Hungarian National Eötvös Scholarship, Amsterdam
2002 CIMO Scholarship, Helsinki
2002 Hungarian Patent Office - Intellectual Property Award
2002 We and the others - Leica Competition Prize
2001 National Cultural Fund, College of Photography - Author's Grant
2001 Vicus Author's Grant
2001 Erasmus Scholarship, Athens
2000 National Ministry of Cultural Heritage - Grant for Minority Research
2000 Ceepus Scholarship, Bratislava
1996 Karoly Escher Award, Secondary School of Fine and Craft Arts

Solo Exhibitions

2004 Bratislava, Mesiac Fotografie / Month of Photography, Hungarian Institute - Strangers
2004 Budapest, Goethe Institute - Yesterday Night
2004 Helsinki, Hungarian Cultural and Scientific Centre - Stockholm - Helsinki - Tallin
1997 Budapest, Secondary School of Fine and Craft Arts - Hungarian Ballet Institute

Joint Exhibitions

2004 Budapest, MIE Gallery, Astrodust
2004 Budapest, Millenáris, Open-air Photo Exhibition - E - verywhere
2004 Budapest, Hungarian House of Photography in Mai Manó House - Documentum 6
2003 Budapest, Millenáris - Aura - International Media Art Exhibition - SFEER
2003 Budapest, Millenáris, Open-air Photo Exhibition - One day of Budapest
2003 Helsinki, UIAH - Budapest's Citizens
2003 Clermont- Ferrand - Digital Culture and Handicap
2003 Budapest, Budapest Gallery - Panorama
2003 Porto, Rotterdam, Goethe Institute - We and the Others
2002 Esztergom Castle Museum - XIIIth Photographic Biennial - Panorama
2002 Budapest, VAM Design Gallery - Either- Digital in Contemporary Photography
2002 Athens, TEI - Pictures of Greece
2002 Budapest, Karolyi Palace - Word-Imagery - Portraits of Contemporary Writers
2002 Budapest, Geothe Institute - We and the Others
2001 Budapest, Trafo House of Contemporary Arts - Last Drop Festival - Panoramic Pictures
2001 Bratislava, Academy of Fine Arts - Experiments
2000 Budapest, Tölgyfa Gallery - Solipse
1997 Budapest, Ethnographical Museum - Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition - Hungarian Ballet Institute


2004 Ljubjana [SLO] rx : tx - Progress - Easten European Electronic Festival - Tigrics - Sfeer
2004 Genk [B] Motives Festival - now sound of jazz - Erwin Vann 'KOYA' [B] - Sfeer
2004 Rotterdam [NL] DEEF04 Dutch Electronic Art Festival - Tigrics - Sfeer
2004 Bratislava [SK] FOTOFO Month of Photography - Sfeer
2004 Pécs [HU] Amusement Park TotalArt Festival - Sfeer
2004 Budapest [HU] Goethe Institute, Cafe Eckermann - Tigrics - Sfeer
2004 Budapest [HU] Diáksziget, Ambient Tent - Sfeer
2004 Pécs [HU] International Conterporary Art Meeting - Workshop
2004 Berlin [DE] Transmediale Festival - Tigrics - Pipslab - Sfeer
2003 Budapest [HU] Dinamó, Sfeer - Presentation with Gáspár Benedek
2003 Lowlands Festival [NL] Rednose Distrikt - Pipslab - Sfeer
2002 Budapest [HU] Trafó, Pipslab - Sfeer - LIBAration




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